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The moon shone bright in the sky, surrounded by thousands of pinpricks of light. Diantha gazed at them from her position by a camp fire, a soft smile adorning her face. The world around her lay forgotten for the moment, as she took in the beauty of the stars, only half listening to Malion's third attempt at explaining what they were doing near Mossflower country, this time using significantly less words that his previous two efforts.

"Look, it's really not so difficult to understand. The infamous Redwall Abby is made of those red sandstone blocks, right? And it's walls have never been beaten; the only ones who have ever gotten past them had to trick their way in, like Slagar the Cruel and Clunney the Scourge. So this red sandstone must be an exceptionally good material for building fortresses out of. That's why we're traveling to this Mossflower place; to get that sandstone to build our own castle out of it. That way, that castle will be just as impenetrable as the famed Redwall.

"But if this Abby place is already made out of the stuff, why don't we just conquer it instead of hauling a bunch of heavy stones back home and building a fort from scratch?"

Diantha lightly smacked her brother on the back of his head, her attention snapping back to the moment. "Weren't you paying attention, dimwit? He just said their walls were impenetrable; that means they can't be penetrated. How can you conquer a place that you can't get into?"

"You break down the door instead...unless that's made of stone too, of course."

Malion shook his head. "No, that wouldn't work. The Abby is also famous for it's fierce woodlander warriors. They'd attack you from the walltops and repell your forces before you could break down the gate."

"Well, they're only woodlanders; how fierce could they possibly be?"

Malion took a brief moment to register the irony of the fact that Diantha, the squirrel, had been the one to ask that and not her brother.

"While we could beat them in a straight confrontation, as long as they have their walls to hide behind, that abby remains out of reach of any vermin, even your mother. That's why she's not even bothering to try. The plan is to arrive, round up some woodlanders to mine the stone for us, and stay as far away from the abby as possible."

The looks on the siblings' faces slowly faded into frowns as brother and sister tried to process what they had just heard. Swifpaw's paw unconciously drifted to the hilt of his sword.

"It almost sounds like your implying mother is scared of this place."

Malion glanced cautiously around at the verious vermin at their fires not far away, before leaning forward and whispering his reply.

"To be honest, my prince, I think that she is."

Swiftpaw jumped to his feet, his broadsword flying out of his scabbard and finding it's way to within a few inches of Malion's throat. The weasle remained perfectly still, not even blinking an eye as the ferret prince stood their threatening him.

"Our mother is the greatest warrior alive! She fears nothing!"

"You are out of line, Sir Malion. An appology is due." Diantha added from where she sat, her voice harsh and condemning.

"My prince, please, keep your voice down and stop making a scene; the last thing we need right now is for word to spread and the army to begin doubting her majesty."

Swiftpaw hesitated for a moment, until Diantha nudged his side and motioned to their left. The ferret prince looked and saw a group of rats trying and failing to subtly evesdrop on their conversation. Reluctantly, he sheathed his sword and sat back down, lowering his voice.

"You'd best make haste with your explanation, Malion; I may still kill you yet."

The weasle schollar breathed a quiet sigh of relief, before speaking again.

"I did not explain myself well. It may have sounded as though I was implying her majesty was afraid of the woodlanders themselves or the strength of their fortress. That is not true: Trizah the Vermin Queen fears no mortal force, and could easily conquer the abby if that was all there was to it."

Diantha's eyes widened slightly. The squirrel scooted slightly closer to the fire as a sudden chill went down her spine. "You're suggesting there are spirits at play then?"

Swiftpaw scoffed; the ferret prince had never been one for superstitions. How any beast could believe the spirits of the dead could affect the living was beyond him. The others pointedly ignored him as Malion continued.

"They say the place is haunted; that the spirit of a legendary warrior of unfathomable skill stalks its halls. He curses every warlord that attacks the abby and can possess any beast that picks up his blade, giving them his skills and strength. No beast has ever bested him in combat, not even Death itself...or at least, that's how the stories go."

"So that's it then? You think my mother is afraid of some silly ghost stories?"

The Weasle poked at the fire with a stick, stiring it a bit and sending up a few sparks. "Her majesty has always been rather superstitious. It may seem silly to you, young prince, but to your mother and sister, such things are very real."

Swiftpaw wanted to protest against such an assessment, but knew that what Malion said was true; Trizah would often consult with supposed seers and witches, seeking the advice of spirits. If anything could deter her from an easy conquest, it was such nonsense as this.

"Well, it doesn't matter one way or the other; be it ghosts or warriors, we're still steering clear of that abby either way." Diantha said, before letting out a tired yawn. "I think I'm going to turn in for the night. I'll see you tomorrow, brother."

"Sleep well, sister."

"Good night, Princess." Malion added.

A blush erupted across Diantha's face as she stood up. The squirrel quickly rushed off, hoping and praying the weasle hadn't noticed. Once she'd left, Swiftpaw turned his attention back to Malion.

"So, since you know so much about this abby, I'm willing to bet you've figured out at least some weakness of theirs we can exploit."

Malion faked a look of surprise. "My prince, are you implying that I would ignore your mother's orders to leave the abby alone? That I would go behind her back and start planning an attack anyways? Why, only a cunning, manipulative, down right diabolical creature would do such a thing."

"You're easily the single most cunning and manipulative creature in my mother's army, Malion. I know you wouldn't have tried convincing me the abby was unassailable unless you had a plan for defeating it. Tell me or I really will kill you."

The weasle smiled, and the ferret did too; an understanding had been reached between them, and a plan was formed.
The Vermin King: Chapter Three
Chapter Three: As promised, we learn a bit more about Trizah's plan this chapter, and catch a glimpse of a few other interesting bits of information.

I hope you all are enjoying the story so far.
In his younger days, Abbot Benjamiah had been the greatest treewiffler Redwall Abby had ever known. He'd lived in the orchard, only ever going into the abby proper at meal times or when the winter months rolled in.

The old grey squirrel still visited the orchard every day, despite having long since moved to a room inside the Abby proper. He'd have a chair brought out amongst the trees after lunch and spend a good while sitting and reminicing about times long ago. Sometimes one of the other abby inhabitants would join him, prehaps even bringing tea to enjoy along with the good company. Today, he had settled in for a nap only to awaken and find himself at the center of a storm of dibbuns. The little creatures ran and laughed, being chased after by Brother Terrel and Tibby Thornback.

"Now look at what you scoundrels have done! You've gone and woke the Abbot from his nap!" Brother Terrel declared. The poor old dormouse was no match for dibbuns' speed; he knew as well as they did that he couldn't catch the troublemakers.

"Run all you like, you naughty children; no matter what you do, your still going to get that bath!" Tibby added. The Hedgehog maiden had managed to grab two of the fleeing babes. Her small victory didn't last long, however; one child, a leveret named Barty, dashed right between her legs, pulling hard on her habbit in the process. It wasn't much, but in the midst of the chaos all around her, it was enough to cause poor Tibby to trip and to let go of the captured children. The leveret and his numerous accomplices darted off, laughing. They headed off to the pond, leaving the frustrated Brother Terrel and Tibby behind. The dormouse started to move to follow them, when the Abbot stopped him with a paw on his shoulder.

"Wait, my friend, and rest yourself. Look, I can see Sister Martha and Foremole Gythia are already there; if anyone can get them to bathe, Martha can."

Brother Terrel gazed over at the pond and saw the mouse and mole maidens quickly rallying the children, and he let out a tired sigh. Abbot Benjamiah guided his old friend over to his chair and sat him down, while Tibby went back inside the abby to fetch a few more seats.

"It seems like it wasn't too long ago when you and I were the ones trying to escape a bath." The dormouse remarked.

"Indeed; it feels like just yesterday we were swiping candied chestnuts and fleeing the wrath of old Mem Tussock." The abbot said, before pausing and turning to his good friend. "Whatever did happen to Mem Tussock? I can't seem to recall..."

Brother Terrel scratched his chin in thought for a moment before responding. "I think she caught her death of fever a few winters before Abess Marigold passed on. I remember it because everyone was sure the Abess was going to pick her to be her replacement. Its a shame though; I don't recall Redwall ever having a hare as an abess."

"Ah yes. Quite the shame. I don't think we've had a warrior since around then, either."

"There hasn't really been a need for one sir," Tibby chimed in, returning with a pair of chairs, setting one down for the Abbot to sit in before settling down herself. "Whatever vermin the Gousim don't chase away usually steer clear of the Abby; the few that don't tend to answer to Uncle Skipper and his otter crew."

"There's usually no need of a warrior when the worst of your worries is trying to get the Dibbuns to take their baths. We live in a time of peace." Brother Terrel shook his head. "Why are we sitting here discussing warriors and friends long since gone on such a beautiful day? Let's change the topic to more pleasant things."

"How was your nap, Father Abbot? Before the Dibbuns woke you, I mean."

Abbot Benjamiah smiled, gladly accepting the change of topics. "It was quite restful. I had a dream about a feast that was so good, I thought I'd try to come up with an excuse to have a real one."

Tibby's sapphire eyes sparkled with delight at the notion. "Oh, what a wonderful idea! We haven't had a feast since summer started."

"Yes. Perhaps when your uncle gets back from where ever he and his crew have run off to this time, we'll hold it in honor of his safe return."

A gentle breeze blew threw the orchard, rustling the leaves in the trees, as the three abby dwellers sat there, discussing the feast that was to be.


"Hold still, you little terror, I'm almost done!"

Sister Martha grappled with a squirming mousebabe in the tub, her struggles to clean them sending soapy water splashing every where. The mouse maiden scolded the child as she washed.

"Honestly, you should feel lucky to be getting off with just a bath and no supper, after the way you gave us and poor old brother Terrel the run around! And poor young Tibby too! I should be putting you over my knee, and making sure you don't sit down for days! Isn't that right, Foremole?"

Foremole Gynthia sat off to the side, the stout creature being in charge of making sure all the children dried themselves properly. "That be ee truth. They'm quite ee naughty rarscals, Burr Aye."

Martha pulled the mousebabe out of the tub, setting them down to be dried off before turning around. "Alright, the only one left is..." She trailed off, glancing around the room for a moment, before throwing her paws up in exasperation "Oh, dash it all; Barty's escaped again!"

"That choild be gurtly troublesome. Oi'll goo find whurr ee went."


The young white leveret in question skipped off down the halls of the abby, dressed in naught but his fur, singing a song that he had just made up.

"Wee dibbuns ain’t made o’no ribbons
Our whiskers and tails ain’t no strings
Our ends and beginnin’s
Ain’t woven from linens
Our shiny eyes ain’t golden rings

The secret of all of our troubles
And why we want baff time to stop
Is dibbuns is made outta bubbles–
If you try to wash us, we’ll pop!"

When his song came to it's end, Barty stopped, ears twitching. He heard somebeast approaching and, knowing he'd likely be in trouble for escaping from his bath a second time in one day, decided to do the sensible thing: find a good hiding place to stay in until every one got tired of looking for him.

Looking left, he found his vision being draw to a door that was slightly open. Seizing the opportunity, he quickly darted inside and tried to close the door behind him. The door, which turned out to be quite heavy, slowly shut, a faint 'click' sounding out once the task was accomplished. Now safely hidden away, all Barty had to do was find something to keep himself entertained until it was time for dinner.

He looked around at his surroundings. A fine layer of dust covered everything inside from the neatly made bed, to the desk by the window, to the wardrobe in the corner. On top of the desk was a single book, the only item in the room that seemed actually worth looking at. Barty, with only minimal amounts of struggling, pulled the chair out from the desk and climbed up on it. Once upon the chair, climbing on top of the desk was easy, and soon the young leveret found himself staring intently at the open book he didn't know how to read.


The sun was starting to set, and Gynthia was getting worried. The poor mole had looked everywhere she could think of, both rationally and otherwise, and still hadn't found Barty. She wasn't particularly worried that he'd get into any danger while in the abby; rather she was much more worried about herself, and what might happen if she had to tell Sister Martha that they had officially lost a Dibbun.

She wandered down a long hall in the west wing of the abby, full of rooms that hadn't been lived in for seasons. Some were being used as makeshift store rooms, until such time as they would be needed for their intended purpose again. The rest of the doors, likely still adorned with the furnishings of creatures that had long since perished, were all securely locked, affording no availability to searching mole or fleeing dibbun. With the great reluctance that always comes when a creature admits defeat, the foremole turned around and headed off to the great hall.
The Vermin King: Chapter Two
Chapter Two: a Brief glimpse at what is going on in the Abby, and an introduction to some of it's inhabitants.

I am curious to know exactly what information you manage to gather from this chapter. I'm also curious to know if anyone can catch the reference I very deliberately put in there.

Also, I'd like very much to thank  ambassador-brouwer for making the Anti-Bath song that Barty sings.
The sun shined down upon upon the world in all it's bright, beeming glory, standing alone in the cloudless sky. Somewhere bellow it, tents of all colors and sizes were set up in a great medow. All about the large camp, a great number of various vermin were going about their buisness. Over here, a rambuctious group of rats were having a drinking contest; over there, some soats were polishing their blades; and over that way, the sound of sword clashing with sword rang out in the air as a young ferret faced off with his darring rival.

The ferret had light brown fur and vibrant emerald eyes, and wore a dark blue tunic. Upon his paw was a silver ring with a singe red ruby gemstone. He was young, just barely an adult, but it was clear that he was a born warrior; his body was already marked with a battle-scar across his chest.

His opponent was a young squirrel maiden, half a season or so younger than him. She had rust red fur and hazel eyes. She wore a sleeveless green tunic and, like the ferret, had a silver and ruby ring upon her paw. Her form was lithe and nimble; her movements as graceful as a leaf dancing in the wind.

The two were evenly matched; the ferret had the strength and skill to block every blow the squirrel threw his way, but lacked the speed and precision to land any hits of his own. Light flashed off their blades as their swords danced through the air. It couldn't go on forever; both sides were starting to tire. With each step the squirrel took was a little slower, and with each swing of the ferret's sword he felt it get a little heavier. The battle would soon be decided by whoever gave out first.

In the end, it took more effort to dodge every swing than it did to block them. While side stepping out of the way of the ferret's attack, the squirrel's foot slipped. Suddenly finding herself both tired and stumbling straight into her opponent's sword, she desperately tried to twist herself out of the way. She just barely managed to avoid getting skewered, cutting her right arm on the blade's sharp edge in the process. She hit the ground, clutching her wound with her uninjured arm. The ferret raised his sword above his head triumphantly.

"Ha! Victory is mine once more!" He said, taking a moment to bask in his triumph before noticing his adversary was still on the ground, "Oh, come on. Don't be a poor sport; I beat you fair and square, just the way you like it."

When the squirrel failed to move, the ferret's smile began to falter. "Come off it Diantha. I didn't cut you that bad," He said, crouching down next to her, reaching out to roll her over.

The squirrel suddenly twisted around, lashing out with her left arm. The ferret barely brught his arms up in time to block her surprise punch. He caught her paw with his, stopping it just as her knuckles touched the fur on his face.

"Good effort, but your deceptions are still as transparent as ever, dearest sister."

Diantha pulled her paw out of his grasp, sitting up in the process. "You wouldn't win nearly as much if we were the same age, Swiftpaw. You only beat me because your bigger than me and you know it!"

"The extra experiance from being older than you had nothing to do with it, I'm sure."

Diantha had nothing to say in responce to that, choosing to huff and turn her head away from her brother. She didn't protest as he took her right arm and examined the cut his sword had made.

"It doesn't look too bad. You probably won't even have a scar after it's healed up."

Swiftpaw smirked as his sister eyed the scar on his chest enviously. His sister was a strange one, a fact he knew well. Despite always trying to find a less violent sollution to any given problem, she was very envious of the soldiers in their army and the many battles they had fought. The paradoxical behavior had been instilled in her by their mother.

"It's for the best anyways; You wouldn't want your first real scar to be from a practice injury, would you?" Swiftpaw asked as he helped Diantha to her feet.

"No, of course not," She replied, "I just wish mother would actually let me go into battle already. I'm almost just as good as you, there is no real reason why I shouldn't be able to fight."

"Well, maybe you'll get lucky and we'll have a skirmish with some rogue riff-raff when we get to..." Swiftpaw paused, thinking hard for a moment, "...Where exactly did Malion say we were going again? I seem to have forgotten."

"Some place called 'Mossbloom' or something like that. He was all excited about some stones or something," The squirrel maiden replied, "I wasn't really paying attention when he told us."

A mischevious smile spread across Swiftpaw's face. "Of course not."

His sister scowled at him somemore, not liking the implications of his statement. She turned away from him and started walking off. "Well, then we'd best go ask Malion to refresh our memories."

Her brother followed her, still smirking like a fool. "Oh, of course we must, dearest sister. Of course we must."


A short while later, the two found themselves standing outside a large grey tent. As they moved to enter, the tent's flap oppened, and a number of creatures stepped out.

At their lead was a beautiful ferret, with lustrous brown fur, wearing a black tunic with a green cloak. Atop her head was a golden cirlet with three blood red rubies set into it, the center one being twice the size of the other two. At her side was a heavy saber, an illustrious work that featured an ornate, golden hilt. This was Trizah, the Vermin Queen, Warlord of the east. Many settlements had fallen before her tactical genius and sheer strength and skill over the many seasons of her life time.

Directly next to her was a weasle wearing a sky-blue cloak and maching tunic, with a pair of spectacals perched on his snout. He had orange-brown fur and a white underbelly, with icy blue eyes. Strapped to a black leather belt he wore around his waist was a finely crafted rapier, with a silver basket handle and a single saphire on it's pommel.

Behind the two, a wildcat and a vixen stepped out. The former of the two was a large fellow, with bluish-grey fur. One eye was a bright yellow color, while the other was covered by a patch and a scar. He wore a chain-mail over a tunic of his own, and carried two large, single blade axes strapped to his sides.

By comparison, the Vixen was far less physically imposing. She was slender, with golden fur and mismatched eyes; The left one was a vibrant green, while the right one was a stony grey. She was dressed in a black cloak that covered most of her body. Know one knew what was under that cloak, besides her beautiful form.

As the four of them exited, Trizah spotted Swiftpaw and Dia, and a soft smile found it's way onto her face.

"Finally done with practice I see. Judging by the grin on his face, I assume your brother beat you again, Diantha?"

"Only just barely, Mother; I'll get him next time for sure." Diantha replied, before truning to the weasle and giving a polite curtsie. "It's good to see you, Sir Malion."

The weasle responded with an elaborate bow. "Always a pleasure, Princess Diantha."

Dia's face erupted in a bright crimson blush and her brother snickered with amusement. She swiftly put a stop to that by sharply elbowing him in the ribs. Finding the punishment sufficient, she returned her attention to Malion. "If you have a moment, I was wondering if you could help me inform my Brother as to why we are headed to this Mossbloom place."

"Mossflower," The weasle corrected, "And it would be my distinct pleasure to help you with that, Princess." He turned to Trizah, as the blush on the squirrel maiden's face reddened. "By your leave, your majesty."

The queen nodded and, after a quick bow, Malion headed off with her children. She watched them go, smiling to herself, the rest of the world forgotten for a brief moment.

"I still don't understand vhy Malion vastes 'is time pandering to bushtail's every vhim."

Her fist clenched tight, as Trizah slowly turned to face the two creatures standing behind her. The wild cat had spoken, and her eyes shone with a dangerous light as she glarred at him. She responded, her voce covered in an icy cold edge."Watch your tounge, Svyato; that is my family your speaking of."

"In the same vay mouse vould claim pet bug is family."

"No, in the way that she is the child that I raised from an infant, and continued insults will result in your death."

The one eyed giant of a wildcat met Trizah's frightening gaze and held it. "You vould not kill me; you need me too much."

"You are useful, without a doubt, but I do not need you. You only live because your strength impressed me enough that bending you to my will was worth more to me than forcing you pay for your  crimes. Make no mistake though; I can still end your life just as easily as I took your eye."

Svyato's gaze faltered, as a small amount of fear and hatred seeped into it. Trizah's assesment wasn't wrong, and he knew it. The large feline turned and walked away without a word, heading off to his tent. The queen's eyes followed him, never once blinking, before speaking to the patiently waiting vixen.

"Lumira, I want one of your hunters to keep an eye on him. I don't like the way he keeps forgetting his place in my queendom. I also want you to send a scouting party up ahead to make sure we have a clear path to this quarry Malion found. I'd hate to for our forces to get ambushed; it would make me look bad."

The vixen gave an ellogant bow, responding with a voice like the softest velvet. "It will be as you command, oh Vermin Queen. If Svyato tries to plot against you, he will die without ever knowing what killed him."

The golden vixen turned and walked away, leaving Trizah to stand alone with her thoughts.
The Vermin King: Chapter One
Chapter one: Trizah, her kids, and her crew (recently introduced) are all headed to Mossflower (More details on that in their next chapter).

This one is mostly just character introduction. Things will start off a little slow the first few chapters as the main characters are all introduced and the plot warms up. Shouldn't take too long for it to really get going.
The sun, proud though it might have been, hid it's face from the earth below. Billows of smoke blocked it's eyes, as though it dare not gaze upon the horrors below it, prefering to cast it's light everywhere else but upon the scene of desolation. The smoke itself rose up from the tragedy, fields and homes alike burning in ruin. Vermin of all shapes and sizes were about, some trying to use dirt and water to put out the flames while others serched for survivors.

One stood out from the rest, watching over all with bright emerald eyes. She was a Ferret with lustrous brown fur, wearing a black tunic with a green cloak. Atop her head was a golden cirlet with three blood red rubies set into it, the center one being twice the size of the other two. A splendid sword was strapped to her side, likely the work of an old badger lord that she had claimed as the spoils of war. Her careful eyes took in every detail of the seen before her, glinting with sorrow and sparking with a desire for revenge at the same time. Standing near her were a fox and a weasel, each waiting paitently for their leader to speak.

"This is appalling," The ferret finally said, "These creatures build our tools, forge our weapons, grow the food our army feeds upon. They are as much a part of our forces as either of you. Yet, when they needed the protection that was due to them in exchange for their services, we failed them."

"It is an insult and a challenge; there is no other reason any fool beast would attack the property of the Vermin Queen." The fox stated.

"It's not the property I am concerning myself with. Property can be fixed but the dead cannot be brought back to life," The ferret replied, "I want those responsible found and brought before me. An example must be made of them."

"It shall be as you command, Lady Trizah." The weasel said with a bow, before quickly heading off to round of a group of able bodied vermin to assist with the task.

As he left, a rat approached the queen carrying something wrapped in a bundle of dirty cloth. Trizah turned her eyes upon him as he bowed before her, holding out the bundle to her. "Yer Majesty, ah found this 'ittle one under some rubble. Since ye asked fer any survivors ta be brought ta ye, ah thought ah'd ask what ye wanted done wit 'er."

Trizah reached out with her paws and carefully took the bundle from his hands. Moving the rags, she saw the creatured wrapped within them; a baby squirrel, with red-brown fur and hazel eyes. The child had a smile on her face, happily cooing at the sight of the ferret queen, completely unaware of the carnage she had been rescued from. The sight warmed the ferret's heart in a way she knew well, and she held the child close to herself.

"I shall keep her," Trizah declared, "And raise her alongside my son. This is the least I can do for these creatures that I have failed."
The Vermin King: Prologue
Ladies and Gentlebeasts I present to you The Vermin King : A Redwall fan fic.

I don't know how frequent updates will be, since I'm a bit busy with school and work at the moment, but I intend to make this project a priority whenever possible. I hope you all enjoy it and it's future instalments.

This project was inspired by the Redwall series (obviously) as well as ambassador-brouwer and his amazing Redwall Fan Fic Naagat-Yara.


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